Agapanthus - African Lily - tall globe shaped flower heads to lift a summer border

Rank: Genus

Agapanthus plants are tall with a globe of flowers on a single stem, not unlike their cousins, Alliums, and Amaryllis. Predominantly blues, purple and white with bigger more dramatic flowers than Alliums. Native to Southern Africa, and commonly called African Lilies although they are not Lilies at all. They love the sun, well-drained soil but can also stand some drought. Ideal for keeping in pots as you can control spread and concentrate the flowering.

Agapanthus - African Lily


Scientific name: Agapanthus
Common names: African Lily, Lily of the Nile
Genus: Agapanthus
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Related plants: Allium, Amaryllis, Narcissus

Growing Conditions

Position: full sun
Soil type: sandy, loamy
Soil pH: acid, neutral, alkaline
Moisture: well drained

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