Allium - Ornamental Onion - bold architectural blooms

Rank: Genus

The Allium is a tall pompom flowing plant of the Garlic-Onion family. Predominantly purple or white with a globe head of fine star-shaped flowers. They are easy to grow but like the sun and good drainage as the bulbs can rot in heavy wet soil. They do stand out when isolated in a border but also look very good when planted in large swathes. The name Allium is Latin for Garlic and is thought to derive from the Greek word meaning avoid.

Allium, Ornamental Onion


Scientific name: Allium
Common names: Ornamental Onion
Genus: Allium
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Related plants: Garlic, Amaryllis, Narcissus

Growing Conditions

Position: full sun
Soil type: sandy, loamy
Soil pH: acid, neutral, alkaline
Moisture: well drained

allium pair - focus-stacked

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