Antirrhinum - Snapdragon - border annual for a blaze of colour

Rank: Genus

Antirrhinums are better known as Snapdragons because the individual flower resembles a dragon's face. They are one of the most colourful of border flowers that attract an abundance of wildlife. They generally have a long flowering season from early summer to mid-autumn. Flowers continue to bloom from the bottom up to the top and can be dead-headed regularly to keep looking their best.


Scientific name: Antirrhinum
Common names: Snapdragon
Genus: Antirrhinum
Family: Plantaginaceae
Related plants: Digitalis (Foxgloves), Hebe, Penstemon

Growing Conditions

Position: full sun, partial shade
Soil type: sandy, chalky, loamy
Soil pH: slightly acid, neutral
Moisture: moist, well drained

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